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All Around the Jacket

Is it just me, or is it a whole lot of fun to attempt poems that read well aloud? That said, here is my poem for today.

All Around the Jacket
By Beth Greshwalk

I was tied around

her waist, dancing

to the upward beat

of her flying feet. Over

footsteps of folks

she climbed

the starry stairwell

to the Paris moon.

I was wind-resistant.

Most insistent to hug my

arms around a rolled up rock

poster, a gift for a sister.

Oh, just ask me where I’ve been.

I’ve felt the sweat of Athens’s

handprints on the heart,

and sprawled, beer-stuck on

plastic seats, waiting patiently

as he wrote Nikos in her

journal. Translation, the beginning

and the end. And what’s a trip without

my zipper teeth making melodies on

the hand rails of trains, clankety

clank and the rain, downpour on

Delphi, how a wind-breaker cannot shake

the breath of the gods, I let them

inflate me, I am theirs to fill,

along with My pockets, heavy

with copper Euro, I am the hero

who holds the stubs, the camera, the rocks,

the rolls of flim, the air passes, the pretzels,

the sleepy hands. I am their hammock.

This is why she wears me.

to drink the seductive waters of Venice,

one-night stands with the Grand Canal,

each spark of orange splash a kiss,

or was it good-bye tears,

that’s amore, that I must leave,

You’ll find another like me.

Gondolas, God speed!

Now zip me up,

We’ve got a train to catch.